Bond Verification

What is a Verified Bond?

A verified bond is a bond that has been authenticated by the Optim team as belonging to a specific Stake Pool Operator. A verified bond will replace the OPool ID/Bond ID from the automatically generated hash, to whatever the SPO wishes to display in the user interface instead, such as the name of the Stake Pool. This will allow for easier brand recognition and more efficient marketing efforts.

As a permissionless protocol, anyone can technically issue a bond that they can delegate to any pool whether they are verified or not. In order to not cause confusion and maintain transparency, Optim will be verifying bonds manually after being contacted by an SPO that has issued their borrow offer. Only verified bonds will receive OPT token incentives for liquidity providers.

How do I verify a bond?

If you have not previously been in contact with the Optim team to coordinate and assist you in the issuance of a verified bond, please take the following steps:

Go through the Issue Bond page to issue your borrow offer. This creates the OPool which will be used to pool the liquidity necessary to reach the desired amount before the bond is activated. Send the OPool ID in addition to the name you would like to be displayed in the user interface in an email to to initiate this process.

You will be asked to send 1 ADA to yourself from the account containing your OwnershipNFT. The Metadata of this transaction will need to include details about the bond you are in the process of verifying. Once your verification has been authenticated it will be updated on the website.

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