SPO Bond Issue Summary

An SPO wishing to issue a liquidity bond will initiate the process by launching the Optim Finance app from our website.

  1. Follow the instructions on the Issue Bond page to customize the parameters that dictate the terms of the bonds.

  2. Connect wallet to process the Issue Bond transaction on-chain and pay the interest premium for the bond. Any wallet can be used to pay, though it must be staking to the SPO’s pool to have the delegation directed there. If an SPOs pledge wallet is used the bond amount will count towards the pool pledge.

  3. NFT Ownership Certificate representing staking rights for the ADA inside the bond is created and received by SPO. Bond status is pending during this process.

  4. A Pool is created for liquidity providers (lenders) to provide capital towards the bond, receiving Pool Equity Tokens representing share ownership of the pool.

  5. Once the pool becomes fully funded it will lock for the duration of the bond. This is also when the state of the bonds becomes active from a pending status.

  6. Liquidity providers will then convert their Equity Tokens to actual Bond Tokens, which can be used as collateral in DeFi or traded on secondary marketplaces.

  7. SPOs will use the Your Bonds dashboard page to monitor the Remaining Interest and Interest Timeframe to determine when interest payments need to be deposited to ensure the bond remains active.

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