ODAO Controlled Tokens

  • Public (40%)

These tokens are allocated to protocol participants in the form of emissions. They are also allocated to the public through other means such as the ILE. Wide distribution enables broad protocol participation and decentralization of Optim.

Emissions thus far are limited to Liquidity Bond LPs as well as ILE participants. Future emissions and emission rates are dynamic, in control of the ODAO, and will likely increase with protocol expansion.

  • POL (Protocol Owned Liquidity) (11%)

Optim’s ODAO will control protocol owned liquidity in the form of Optim <> ADA DEX LP tokens, future product LP tokens, and ADA. The revenue from protocol owned liquidity isn’t all necessarily accrued to the ODAO in the case of a fee switch.

  • ODAO Treasury (5%)

The ODAO Treasury is for ODAO operations and provides the means for an incentive system to help facilitate ongoing participation and contributions by ODAO members. These tokens are

  • Market Making (4%)

Reserved to facilitate market making on centralized exchanges if the OPTIM lists on centralized exchanges. If this does not occur by the end of year 2026 the ODAO will vote to allocate these tokens to another category or burn.

Team Controlled Tokens

  • Sale (15%)

Sale tokens are used to bootstrap operations via sales to professional non-US investors. Thus far 10.88% of 15% has been sold to professional VCs.

  • Team (25%)

To reward and incentivize the core team and contributors who have worked on and continue to work on the protocol. The earning and vesting period for these tokens is 8+ years.

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