Transaction Flow

Examples of a few sequential interactions.

  1. Posting Bond: A borrower posts their Bond Writing Validator, minting the Uniqueness NFT (sent to BWV) and Ownership NFT (sent to a borrower themselves).

  2. Writing Bond: Lender takes the offer, getting the bond tokens and putting the funds into the Open Bond.

  3. Deposit more margin: Suppose the loan is at epoch forward enough to warrant adding more margin for one epoch.

  4. Changing borrower’s staking key: If a borrower needs, they may change their staking key showing their Ownership NFT token and supplying a new key.

  5. Closing Bond: Example assumes we ran the bond for the full duration with no problems and are closing at the last epoch with exactly enough ADA rewards for simplicity.

  6. Redeeming Bond: In a closed position the bonds may be redeemed. A lender comes in and redeems their ADA.

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