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Optim Finance is a DeFi protocol on the Cardano blockchain. We offer a decentralized suite of products, via on-chain smart contracts, that simplify and facilitate yield generation on digital assets. Leveraging the composability of DeFi protocols as well as the unique architecture of the Cardano blockchain, Optim Finance creates and enables broad access to yield generation products such as Liquidity Bonds and Strategy Vaults. We are also working on an 'L2' solution for Cardano to enable more advanced, faster, and user-friendly applications on Cardano that wouldn't be able to run directly on the L1. This critical infrastructure is being built first to enable new Optim protocols, but will later be extended for other builders to leverage.


Optim's first suite of products will be based on Liquidity Bonds, a simple primitive unique to Cardano DeFi that leverages Cardano’s well-evolved and distinctive staking system. Liquidity Bonds allow anyone to borrow or ‘rent’ ADA staking rights and associated staking rewards for a fixed period of time. They can be leveraged for a set of novel DeFi primitives such as: SPO Bonds, ISO Bonds and IBO Bonds.

Later on, Optim will launch a series of advanced Strategy Vaults that will make it possible for users to have access to automated strategies for passive accrual of yield streams.

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