Optim Finance

Strategy Vaults

As the key functional components of the Optim protocol, vaults and strategies are a primary area of focus and constant iteration. While the vault structure for asset management in DeFi is originally an Ethereum construct, the implementation on Cardano is unique.
Optim’s Strategy Vaults, the second suite of products after Liquidity Bonds, can be leveraged to abstract away the complexity and reduce the barriers to entry for the average user in Cardano DeFi. Optim’s Strategy Vaults will allow users to subscribe to specific trading or yield accruing strategies to be executed by depositing their funds into respective vaults and letting the smart contracts automate interactions.
Optim has been in collaboration with the top teams building core DeFi infrastructure on Cardano such as Liqwid (Lending Protocol) and Indigo Protocol (Synthetics) in order to build, design and ships Vaults.