The OPTIM token powers the Optim ecosystem and is an essential part of decentralizing the protocol, distributing decision making, and aligning the incentives of its various participants.

The Optim protocol is controlled by the Optim DAO (ODAO) through OPTIM token voting. The decisions voted on by the ODAO are executed by Optim Labs at the direction of Optim Foundation. In order to make ODAO proposals and participate in voting, one needs to hold OPTIM.

OPTIM is a Cardano native token with a set supply of 100M.

OPTIM holders are entitled to several rights and benefits, with the two primary being:

1. The right to formulate and cast votes on governance decisions

2. Potential fee sharing of Optim protocol revenue if ODAO initiates fee switch

Other utility is planned for the OPTIM token, further detailed in this article.

Below is a chart outlining the allocation of OPTIM tokens.

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