On/Off Chain Mechanics

Optim uses Sundae Labs Governance platform for seamless proposal creations, voting accessibility, and user verifiability, designed to put control into the hands of the community.

Unmatched Security & Control

Sundae Labs' platform provides unmatched cryptographic security, protecting proposals and voting data from tampering. Additionally, comprehensive controls ensure that proposal creation and voting access are limited to authorized individuals.

Transparency & Verification

Sundae Labs offers a unique user verifiability feature that allows every community member to verify their vote independently. Furthermore, independent auditing services employ a network of respected community members who publicly attest to the accuracy of each election, reinforcing trust in the platform's integrity.

Innovative Integrations & NFT Minting

The platform's integration with diverse ecosystems like Cexplorer enhances the governance experience. Additionally, it introduces a novel concept in governance with the minting of voting results on-chain as an NFT, providing a transparent record and a potential tool for boot-strapping smart contracts.

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