Reserve Criteria

Stability and Reputation:

Stablecoins with proven track records of maintaining their peg under various market conditions will be considered as suitable reserves for OUSD using the following quantitative characteristics. The reputation of the issuing firm will also be evaluated to ensure the market confidence in OUSD as a means of exchange and store of value monetary premium asset.


All reserve stablecoins must comply with relevant regulatory standards if fiat-backed where well-defined regulations exist in the issuing jurisdiction. As the legal landscape surrounding stablecoins is continuously developing, it will remain the Optim Labs' responsibility to monitor regulatory frameworks and analyze any significant changes with the help from our legal counsel and other industry experts.

Market Depth and Liquidity:

Accepted stablecoins must exhibit high liquidity to enable efficient redemption and minting processes. Potential reserve assets with low liquidity and depth indirectly signal market confidence, yield opportunity and asset maturity issues that will need to be resolved before being considered as a suitable and healthy reserve asset for OUSD.

Smart Contract Security:

Reserve stablecoins must be based on secure, battle-tested smart contract platforms with smart contract audits by reputable firms.

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