Undeploy-Auction Event

Before the epoch ends, a recall event takes place that pulls all available assets out of the system. This event ensures that profits are synchronized and reflected in the sOADA/ADA exchange ratio. During this time, the ADA is moved to fulfill the stake bids that were placed and filled throughout the epoch in the Stake Auction AMO.

These funds remain in the Stake Auction AMO until the end of the epoch. At this point, the system synchronizes profits from the auction and prepares to redeploy the funds across the rest of the system's strategies. The actual settlement of the auction occurs within one hour before the epoch ends, ensuring that all transactions are completed and profits are accurately accounted for.

By orchestrating this recall event, the system guarantees that all profits are captured and integrated into the sOADA/ADA exchange ratio, enhancing the overall yield for sOADA holders. This meticulous process of recalling, syncing, and redeploying funds ensures the efficient and profitable operation of the OADA system.

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