Catalyst Snapshot Event

If a Catalyst vote power snapshot is scheduled near an epoch boundary, the system must decide whether to auction off the stake power or retain it for the OptimDAO. The current policy is to only accept bids offering an Annual Percentage Yield of 10% or higher for that epoch boundary. If the snapshot is not near a boundary, the system will capture all the vote power for the ODAO.

When the ODAO captures vote power, the ADA rewards for voting, including stake rewards if on an epoch boundary, are funneled back into the OADA system through the Donation Strategy. This integration ensures that the voting rewards contribute to the overall yield and stability of the system.

It is important to note that, due to the centralized nature of the Catalyst snapshot process (especially when no exact snapshot slot is provided), the Controller cannot guarantee that this operation will always be carried out as described. Despite this, the system aims to maximize the benefits from vote power while adhering to the current policy guidelines.

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