The OADA system is the first implementation of the OToken framework, designed to create a fully backed ADA derivative token. OADA maintains its peg within a one percent range (0.99-1.01) through automatic buybacks and arbitrage opportunities managed by the system. Capital deployment is handled via programmatically reactive Algorithmic Market Operations (AMOs) across ecosystem wide yield opportunities.

Profits are auto-compounded into the staked version of the token, sOADA. This approach assumes the risk of these strategies in exchange for concentrated yield from the entire system, aiming to minimize risk exposure to only smart contract and limited low-level lending risks. The Optim DAO treasury has bootstrapped the initial liquidity for OADA and is keeping it unstaked to facilitate early adoption by increasing the yield on sOADA. Additionally, it pairs OADA with an equal amount of ADA to provide a deep liquidity layer for the system's operations. OADA Policy ID - f6099832f9563e4cf59602b3351c3c5a8a7dda2d44575ef69b82cf8d sOADA Policy ID - 02a574e2f048e288e2a77f48872bf8ffd61d73f9476ac5a83601610b

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