Deposit & Deployment

As users mint OADA with ADA, that ADA sits at the Deposit Address waiting to be processed. This processing occurs either at the end of the epoch or when a sufficient amount has been minted. This approach allows the Controller to save on transaction fees without sacrificing any significant profit for the system. Currently, the threshold for the Controller to process deposits is set at 100,000 ADA in total pending.

When a Deploy routine is triggered, whether due to reaching the deposit threshold or the beginning-of-epoch redeployment, the system reviews the current asset distribution. It then allocates the inflow of capital, aiming to maintain up to a 2% deviation from the ‘ideal’ set distribution between strategies. This 2% target is a guideline for the Controller, which retains the flexibility to deviate from it and distribute assets in the manner it deems most beneficial for the system.

At present, the distribution target is set to allocate 100% of assets to the DEX AMO, as there are no other strategies currently deployed. This ensures that the system remains focused and efficient, leveraging the best available opportunities while maintaining the flexibility to adapt as new strategies are introduced.

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