The Role of the Leviathan Sequencer System in Conjunction with The Optim Account

As the execution engine of the system, Leviathan directly impacts how Optim Account's functionalities are realized on the L1 blockchain. It is responsible for interpreting the rules and conditions set forth by Optim Account's smart contracts, translating user intents into actionable transactions that reflect the desired outcomes.

Leviathan ensures that the execution of these transactions adheres to the standards of accuracy and efficiency. It employs a dynamic sequencing algorithm that optimizes transaction processing based on current network conditions, user priorities, and the specific requirements of each intent. This adaptability allows Leviathan to effectively manage the diverse range of transactions initiated through Optim Account, from simple transfers to complex contract interactions.

Moreover, Leviathan's integration with Optim Account facilitates a transparent and traceable transaction processing framework. Users can monitor the status of their intents and transactions in real-time, gaining insights into the sequencing decisions and the underlying logic that drives transaction execution.

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