Transaction Execution

Once users have entered Leviathan and acquired OADA, they can initiate transactions, which are then processed through a series of mechanisms:

Intent Processing and Sequencing:

When a user submits a transaction intent to Leviathan, the system first authenticates the user's identity and validates the intent's compliance with predefined rules. This step ensures that only legitimate and authorized transactions are processed. Following authentication, the Leviathan sequencer organizes these intents into a coherent sequence that respects the logical and temporal dependencies between transactions.

Batch Processing:

To optimize network throughput and reduce gas costs, Leviathan aggregates multiple transaction intents into batches. This method allows for the simultaneous execution of compatible transactions, minimizing the block space used and effectively increasing the Cardano blockchain's capacity to handle a higher volume of transactions.

Gas Optimization with OADA:

In the Leviathan ecosystem, all transactions require OADA for gas fees. The system employs advanced algorithms to dynamically calculate the optimal gas price for each transaction batch, ensuring efficient use of resources and reducing the overall cost for users.

Execution and Finality:

Once a batch is ready, the Leviathan sequencer executes the transactions on the Cardano blockchain. Due to the deterministic nature of the Leviathan system, transactions achieve instant finality upon execution. This means that once a transaction is included in a block, it is considered irreversible, providing users with the security and certainty that their transactions are completed without the need for further confirmations.

Integration with External Blockchains:

Leviathan's architecture is designed to seamlessly interact with external blockchains, allowing for the smooth transfer of assets and information between Leviathan and other blockchain systems. This interoperability is key to ensuring that Leviathan users can engage with a wide range of dApps and services beyond the Leviathan and the Cardano ecosystem.

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