Leaving Leviathan

Exiting the Leviathan system is designed to be as straightforward and secure as entering it. Users wishing to leave Leviathan and transfer their assets back to the original blockchain or another destination can do so through a dedicated exit process:

Initiation of Exit:

Users initiate the exit process through a specific transaction within Leviathan, signaling their intent to withdraw their assets.

Security Measures:

To ensure the security of the exit process, Leviathan implements several layers of checks and balances. This includes verifying the legitimacy of the exit transaction, ensuring that the user's assets are correctly accounted for, and confirming that the receiving address is valid and secure.

Transfer of Assets:

Once the exit transaction is validated, Leviathan proceeds with the secure transfer of assets out of its system.

Confirmation and Finalization:

The exit process concludes with a confirmation to the user, signifying the successful transfer of assets.

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