Entering Leviathan

The process of entering Leviathan is designed to be as intuitive and secure as possible, to ensure a seamless transition for Cardano users into the Leviathan ecosystem. Upon deciding to use Leviathan, users initiate the process by signing a transaction that symbolically 'bridges' their assets into the system. This action mirrors the process of engaging with any decentralized application (dApp) but is enhanced by Leviathan's open-source, non-custodial nature, which obviates the need for trusted intermediaries.

Upon successful entry, users' assets are represented as UTXOs within the Leviathan system, where they are then prompted to acquire OADA, the native currency required for transaction gas fees.

Users have multiple avenues to obtain OADA:

  • Direct Acquisition: Users can bring OADA they've previously acquired through main chain Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) or through minting processes.

  • Leviathan Native DEX: Leviathan also offers an in-system DEX. This platform is designed to start with basic functionalities, including a handful of simple functions and token pairs, specifically curated to facilitate easy Layer 2 (L2) native interactions.

This entry mechanism ensures that users are not only seamlessly integrated into the Leviathan ecosystem but are also immediately equipped to engage with its functionalities.

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