Account Base vs eUTxO model app architecture

The adoption of an account-based system by Optim Account and Leviathan is not arbitrary but a strategic choice that addresses several inherent challenges in the Cardano blockchain's transaction management. Unlike the Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO) model, which treats transactions as discrete entities, the account-based model provides a continuous, unified view of a user's assets and actions. This is particularly beneficial for the sequencing and execution of intents, where the temporal and logical order of transactions can significantly impact network performance and user experience.

Advantages Over UTXO Models:

The account-based system's advantage lies in its ability to simplify transaction processing and enhance the blockchain's capacity for complex, conditional transactions. By centralizing the user's state into a single account, it facilitates easier management of assets and intentions, allowing for more sophisticated contract logic and interaction patterns. This model is essential for Optim Account's operation, enabling it to effectively handle a wide array of user intents and integrate seamlessly with the Leviathan sequencer for optimized transaction throughput.

Composability and Developer Experience:

Furthermore, the account-based approach significantly improves composability within the blockchain ecosystem. By standardizing how contracts and transactions interact, it lowers the barrier to entry for developers and enhances the overall robustness of the network.

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