Guaranteed Transaction

The concept of a "Guaranteed Transaction" refers to a specific type of transaction that is deterministic and has an immutable nature. Guaranteed Transactions are designed in such a way that their inputs cannot change or become invalid over time. This aspect ensures that the transaction remains valid and executable at any point in the future, irrespective of external factors or changes in the blockchain state.

Unlike some transactions that might be bound to certain time constraints or validity periods, Guaranteed Transactions are not subject to such limitations. Their validity and functionality are not tied to a specific time frame, making them perpetually executable.

These transactions provide exclusive rights to the spender over the inputs. This exclusivity means that once a Guaranteed Transaction is set up, only the designated spender has the authority to utilize the inputs, ensuring security and preventing unauthorized access or use.

The Leviathan System would inherently be structured to support the unique characteristics of Guaranteed Transactions, such as their deterministic nature and time-independence.

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